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​​​​"Why Winners Win and Losers Lose"


"The Process"

Jim Baker has served as a college basketball coach for 36 years. For twelve of those years, Coach Baker was a D1 assistant at Davidson, Virginia Tech and VMI. Baker was the head  college basketball coach for 20 years at Catawba College. Baker's teams won sixty percent of their games, twelve championships, and made nine appearances in the NCAA tournament. During his run as a head coach, Baker won 344 games and was a six time coach of the year. Throughout his career, Baker has studied, developed, researched, and implemented many of the concepts and ideas found in this book. He has also seen and experienced first hand why teams, organizations, and individuals win and why teams, organizations, and individuals lose. He has written six basketball books "The Best of Timeout A Monthly Basketball Newsletter" Books One - Six.

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